About us

The importance of Spanish Language

  • Nowadays, more than 495 million people speak Spanish, which makes it the second most spoken native language in the world, after mandarin.
  • There’s one more and more Spanish speakers ever yday. By 2050, 10 percent of the world population will speak Spanish.
  • Nearly 20 million people study Spanish on second language. It is the second most studied language in the world, after English.
  • It is the second most-used language for international communication in the world.
  • Spanish language ranks third among the most widely used languages in mass media ( internet,newspaper, radio,TV).

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Advantages of learing Spanish via Skype

  • It is extremely convenient. You can do it at home, at your workplace or anywhere else, as long as you have broadband Internet connection.
  • Flexible schedules. This means you can take your Spanish lessons at your own convenience.
  • You will save time and money. If your Schedule does not offer you any gaps for visiting a language institute, more Spanish courses are perfect for you!.
  • Spanish lessons are tailored just for your needs and objectives and they are completely personalized.

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Our method

  • Our method lets you learn Spanish in a friendly and fun environment. Classes are always adapted to your individual interests and needs.
  • More Spanish helps to develop all the language skills (conversation, listening comprehension, reading and writing) needed to reach your Spanish fluency goals.
  • Study materials ,that are going to be used in the online session, are sent in advance of every lesson. Feedback and complementary homework are provided after every class, so you can continue practicing and improving the key issues at your convenience.

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The teacher

Hi! My name is Celia Moreno and I live in Málaga. Spanish is my native language.

I studied a bachelor degree in English Language and Literature and a degree on a qualified teacher of Spanish on a foreing language (Málaga University). I really enjoy teahing spanish because it offers me the opportunity to share my own language, and communicate with other people from around the world!

I love learning about new cultures and customs. I will be happy to assits you in achievin your targets in the Spanish language.