General Spanish

This is the perfect one-to-one course for different levels, designed for students who want to learn or go back to their studies in Spanish, or just improve some particular skill.

These lessons, always based on a communicative method, will help you communicate in Spanish and interact successfully in everyday life situations for either personal or professional needs.

To activate this, we will focus on strengthening the different skills (listening and reading comprehension, oral communication and written expression).

The trial class will let us discuss your requirements and asses your Spanish level. Once you try it, you will be able to choose the course that best suits your needs. Remember the Skype Spanish lessosns are one-to-one. We always adapt to your personal requirements and interests.

If you are going to study Spanish for the first time, welcome! We will start developing the most important learning aspects, so mat you will gradually feel more and more confident in real life usual situations. And from that point on, you will continue making progress.

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Spanish Conversation

Our Goal is to help you build your confidence in every communicative situation, such as a job interview. Every day life, travel assistance, business…or whichever context where you need to improve your conversation abilities and fluency. These classes are a good way to increase your vocabulary and clear up any grammar question.


Business Spanish

The Spanish language is a powerful communication tool that reaches millions across America, Europe, Asia and Africa. At more Spanish, we understand the importance of fluent Spanish in today’s business world where more and more international corporations use Spanish as their dat-to-day language.

Core aspects of this course can include: meetings and presentations in Spanish, negotiations, writting Spanish letters, communicating with clients and co-workers, formal vocabulary, telephone calls, office correspondence, adapting your CV and cover letter, preparing for a job interview…and more.

We will help you with any Busines Spanish need you have. These lessons are completely personalized to your particular professional situation or objectives.

We also provide profession-based Spanish lessons (Spanish for specific purposes).

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Preparation for DELE exams

The DELE (diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) are official qualifications with permanent validity. These exams certify the level of competence and knowledge of Spanish validated by Instituto Cervantes in representation of minority of Education of Spain. They meet the requirements of the Common European framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

You can see here 2016 examination dates.

Curso Preparación DELE

Spanish for Children

Children, between 6 and 12 years old, will learn Spanish in a dynamic and fun atmosphere, without having  to leave home. They are curious and motivated learning a language via Skype, as the love to use they computer and interact as the same time. We know children have a great capacity to immerse themselves in a foreign language and our communicative approach let them learn instinctively, keeping their attention during the entire class.

We also have a programme for teenagers between 12 and 17 years old. They can learn, review or improve their Spanish, more and more necessary today to increase their job opportunities in the future.

Interracial primary classroom learning to use laptop with their teacher.